Konyagi, “the spirit of the nation” is one of the oldest and most famous spirit brands in East Africa, having been in existence for more than 40 years. This famous drink was first born in 1970 when TDL encouraged the distillers of local spirits to bring in their products to be distilled and transformed into a safe and clean drink. It is then that it became known as “Kinywaji safi”.

    Konyagi is a brand that embraces its Tanzanian heritage. It is for people from all walks of life, so has come to represent the culture, rhythm and spirit of Tanzanian People.


    With a rich and long history, many traditions and rituals have developed around the brand. The most common of these rituals is the way a Konyagi bottle is opened and served.

    Firstly, the server will bash the bottom of the bottle with their palm several times to “release the spirit.”

    Only then can the bottle be opened and poured into the drinker’s glass.

    The bottle with the remainder of the Konyagi must then be placed flat (horizontally) and left until the drinker needs to refill their glass.


    Do you know what this icon stands for? The famously known "Mzaramo" icon represents those who are strong and celebrate the spirit, rhythm and culture of Tanzania!

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